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Authentic, sensuous traveler


UAE based Russian artist picked up the paint brush at the age of 10 once she went to art school. Art was in the family – her father has a natural talent, mother is an artist, brother is a singer. And painting came to occupy a central role in her life.

After her graduation from 2012 till 2015 she has been traveling and living in different countries - Singapore,  Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea..."I discovered marvelous artists, different styles of painting, and all this allowed me to observe a very colorful world!" - she says. 

But none of those countries attracted the artist for more than 6 month until she discovered UAE in 2015. Here Diana found everything she was looking for. "Amazingly UAE has collected everything that attracts, delights and inspires me: a variety of nature, people and cultures mixed with tranquility, peace and sustainable development." 


Fascinated by the beauty and diversity of the surrounding world, the artist conveys her bright, kind feelings to the viewer. Her works reveal a sincere, poetic, musical and even magical impressions that the splendor of the world of Nature reflects on the artist.





- Exhibition of paintings and graphics ("Gallery of Russian Art", Kazan).

- The exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of G. Tukai "The people of Tukai" (Tatar State Academic Theater G. Kamala, Kazan)



- Exhibition of portraits "My Contemporaries" (Children's Art School No. 3 them. B.M. Almenova, Kazan)

- Exhibition "Servants of Art" (Tatar State Academic Theater G. Kamala, Kazan)



- International exhibition "Art Forum in Nur Sultan" (Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan)

- International exhibition "Union of Artists of Russia" (Hehe, China)

- Interregional exchange exhibitions “Artists of Tatarstan at south of the Volga region ”(Astrakhan, Elista, Volgograd, Russia)

- International Exhibiition on Modern art. Painting and graphics. (Kazan, Russia)

- Art from all over the world (Moscow, Russia)



- Curtin Dubai Urban Art Fest (Dubai, UAE)

- Ibtikar Virtual exhibition for photo and paintings (Dubai, UAE)

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