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Gallery Wizart together with Pullman Hotels and Resorts are happy to invite you to

The 1st Art-Philosophy event in Dubai under the Theme:


Abdulraheem is a famous Emirati painter and sculptor. He became a pioneering artist who helped to shape the arts scene in the United Arab Emirates.


His incredible artworks could be found in various European art galleries, private collections and museums of modern art such as Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in  Abu Dhabi. 


The story behind his artworks will definitely touch your soul. 

 Abdulraheem devoted 35 years of his life to his  muse Maheerah, the protagonist of his paintings.

Through reverie and compassion, she becomes the interrogative subject he uses across his paintings, represented by changing formations that allude to her soul and to the transcendence of humanity.


Through this story Salim explores the dualities of innocence and guilt and of possibility and loss that he externalizes with his deconstructed portraits of Maheerah at different ages and forms.

     Maheerah is a woman from Sharjah who was known for suddenly becoming mentally ill and took to living in the slums of her neighborhood in the late 1940s.

     Stories abounded about the possible causes of her illness, the most prevalent being that she rejected a man, who cursed her into her ill-fate. 

     She died in her mid-age after accidentally burning herself.

Tree (2) 100x80.JPG

The event will take place at Pullman hotel lobby, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, combining different arts (paintings, sculptures, music and dance) with famous people invited as the guests of honor.

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