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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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GALLERY WIZART belongs to a group of companies - legal entity based in the UAE, official partner of the UAE royal family company.  


We work both in fashion and art field providing, organizing and hosting international festivals, GALAs, fashion shows and art exhibitions.


OUR MISSION is to develop Culture and Art as special states of the human spirit and heart, burning with aspiration to the Highest, to the Beautiful, to the Good, affirming the Light in the world, contributing to the solution of the highest evolutionary tasks of mankind

WE BELIEVE that Culture and Art will unite humanitye in the most profound way.


The idea of ​​holding international exhibitions, festivals and other cultural events arose in 2019 while working on the TV project “Life of Russian Citizens in the UAE”, timed to coincide with the official visit of Vladimir Putin to Abu Dhabi.

Working  on this project we came up with the decision  of  further development of cultural relations between Russia and UAE.


 "It was a great honor for me to represent my home country here in the UAE. In this project I took part not only as an artist but traditional costume and interior designer as well. There was lot of pressure and responsibility on me as both countries (the UAE and Russia) and their leaders were watching the film. At the same time me and the filming team had super exciting and wonderful experience working together".                                                                                  

The Abu Dhabi television project, which includes live broadcasts of the official meeting of the rulers of the two countries, as well as reports and a series of documentaries about the life of Russian citizens in the UAE, showed how successfully  the integration of different cultures and traditions can take place in a developed, prosperous, modern society. 

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