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Exclusive semiprecious gemstones

Timeless Masterpieces

Author's artworks

A painting made of semi-precious gemstones is an exclusive, timeless masterpiece, distinguished by its special beauty and nobility. Created using natural minerals, the paintings look expressive and majestic, concealing the natural charm of gems. Paintings made of stone have a unique energy. The artist usually uses a wide variety of minerals to create images. The finished product has the properties of all these stones, the picture fills the home of its owner with positive energy and harmonizes the space.

Semiprecious gemstones

Usually minerals are considered to be a part of inanimate nature, in fact, like all living things around, they are born and undergo a variety of changes. Being in the bowels of our planet for millions of years, crystals have accumulated and stored the powerful energy of Earth. Each crystal represents a certain system of protection and expansion of consciousness. Concentrating great divine energy, minerals can help a person to become healthier, stronger and more successful in various areas of life.


Amethyst is the most expensive type of quartz. It has been valued since ancient times and, according to biblical descriptions, was inserted into the pectoral of the high priest Aaron among 12 precious stones.


The energy of the stone gives peace of mind and inner peace, helps to maintain mental health, strengthens the will. The ancient Romans called it nothing other than the "blessed stone" that brings good luck and peace. And the ancient Greeks used amethyst to rejuvenate the body - the stone helps smooth wrinkles, get rid of freckles and age spots.

Also, amethyst increases the vigilance and prudence of a person. Protects from hasty and rash actions.


One of the brightest gemstones in mineralogy. Lapis lazuli is often called the "stone of heaven" because it is fabulously beautiful and resembles the azure of a sunny clear sky. (Translated from Arabic "azul"). This gorgeous gemstone has been famous for its magical powers since ancient times. The Indians used it to cleanse the aura of negativity, relieve feelings of anxiety, and get rid of difficult memories. In Medieval Europe, it was believed that this stone helps to make the most fantastic dreams come true. Lapis was considered a stone of strong friendship and sincere feelings, capable of awakening sincerity in a person.

Lapis lazuli is a stone for those who want to maintain joy and harmony in relationships with the closest and most important people.

An exotic gem that can bring peace and harmony to the life of its owner. According to ancient legends, this stone is able to restore youth, health and give strength. The magical properties of amazonite are also well known for a long time. He is able to save from rash decisions, attract good luck, dispel negative energy. In addition, amazonite gives clarity of thought and calmness to the one who wears the stone constantly. The mineral is used in the meditation process.

The Amazonian stone affects the female energy very carefully, penetrating into the very depths of the mysterious female soul! A beautiful mineral harmonizes energy fields, creates an atmosphere of balance and harmony


Jade has a strong energy. It gives people a sense of gentleness, justice, the pursuit of knowledge, moderation of life, courage and purity. It promotes happy changes, breaks the deadlock. It is recommended to possess it for those who wish to change their worldview and lifestyle, for people who are looking for enlightenment. Jade is credited with the ability to impart vitality, good health, and longevity. In the East, jade was considered a "stone of victory" and greatness, an amulet that strengthens vitality and protects from the evil eye.

The mineral has a beneficial effect on the life of its owner, promotes positive changes, protects his peace, saves from nightmares. It is a mineral of longevity and a successful marriage. 

The name of this semi precious  gemstone comes from Greek "ophys", meaning "snake" Ophite is a beautiful ornamental gem, which, despite its mysterious name, is not known to everyone. The mineral got its name due to its unique color, imitating the color of the skin of a snake. As early as 500 years ago, the ophite stone was used as a raw material for the manufacture of decorative items - ashtrays, vases, vessels, goblets, figurines for the kings and rulers.

Ophite is able to absorb negative energy, it helps to heal from various diseases. Lithotherapists recommend using a gem: to eliminate migraine; to stabilize blood pressure in hypertensive crisis; during colds; to decrease anxiety ; to sleep better.

This stone increases the physical power of its master, the owner of the serpentine also receives new intellectual capabilities - he learns quickly, his intuition develops very strongly. The stone is ranked among the talismans of officials, lawyers, politicians, athletes and business people. The serpentine emphasizes the necessary professional qualities, opens up new opportunities and strengthens the desire to achieve the highest results. It provokes the emergence of new ideas, fantasies and creative outbursts. 

The gem is an excellent assistant and patron for planning, implementing ideas, achieving goals, and solving problems in a timely manner. Natural stone increases the ability for quality learning, makes it possible to hear and absorb a large amount of fresh information. Develops logical, intuitive thinking and analytical mindset.

Onyx is a magnificent striped stone with a rich history that is revered by Muslims and Christians. Legends were made about this mineral, it was used to treat many diseases. It is believed that the amulet has a powerful energy and is able to protect its owner from damage, evil eye and even accidents.

People have discovered the magical properties of the mineral long ago. Some peoples revered the stone and used it in shrines, while others were afraid to even hold it. Indeed, onyx is considered a powerful amulet and has the following properties: it brings good luck to its owner; clears space of negativity; improves intellectual ability and concentration; protects against deception, betrayal and gossip; makes the owner more confident and attractive; gives inspiration, helps to reveal talents; helps to overcome fear of the audience and improves speaking skills

Jasper's palette is incredibly invigorating, colorful and cheerful! After high-quality polishing, jasper "blooms" especially beautifully. Jasper is often set in precious metals in such a design it looks especially noble.

According to Taoist beliefs, jasper strengthens the physical body and prolongs life. Jasper is the only stone that removes all the negative energy potential that has already been accumulated by the body. It protects from the different forces of evil. Protects against infertility, gives courage and confidence in victory, increases overall tone. Jasper products relieve fatigue if you are in a room where they are. Jasper sharpens intuition, relieves depression, concentrates attention and opens the invisible to the eyes.

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